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Creative Inspiration

Giselle Quinteros

As the Creative Inspiration behind every project, Giselle brings an edge to each concept we develop. Giselle has a background in creative imagination, creative inspiration and cheerful enthusiasm. The Creative Inspiration department is the root of each concept that makes our brand special.

President/ Owner
Jaime E. Quinteros

Jaime E. Quinteros

Jaime Quinteros fthe creator of Quinteros Marketing Group founded QMG witht the idea that marketing doesn't have to stay within the margins and its okay to think outside the box.. Jaime Quinteros is experience with working with small businesses to reach their full marketing potential withing a reasonable time and budget.

Account Executive
Joshua Insanus

Victor Palomo

Victor brings wonderful enthusiasm to the tweam and really understands the needs of each of his clients. Victor has an extensive background in both sales and marketing. If there are any additional needs for advertisement Victor Palomo can certainly explain all your options.

Graphic Designer
Oscar Umanzor

Oscar Umanzor

Oscar has been with Quinteros since its incepetion. As our graphic designer Oscar works with us to help make a design that helps increase the attractiveness of your brand. Oscar has years of design experience with advertising.

Sales Coordinator
Rosemary Martinez

Rosemary Martinez

Our Sales coordinator Rosemary really adds a unique spark to our wonderful team. As the Sales Coordinator she initiates the sales process with the clients and really get to know what their potential concerns are. Rosemeary is able to evaluate a businesses needs and appropriately point them in the right direction.

Public Relations
Karla Masten-Amaya

Karla Masten-Amaya

Karla is continuously working to keep our followers updated with all the latest additions to the company She is the point of contact for all media relations.. Karla has a an extensive history in the Public Relations field and is ready to inform the public of any updates regarding Quinteros MG.

Website Developer
Chris Ward

Chris Ward

Chris Ward is our wonderful Website Developer. He works closely with the team to make sure tyour company has the most impressive website. Chris has over 13 years of IT experience and has developed many sites for small businesses..

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